Monaco Properties Taxation in Monte-Carlo

In addition to a great living quality, Monaco offers to its inhabitants from every nationalities except French and American a low taxation system. The absence of income taxes and inheritance taxes is a very attractive feature for many High Net Worth Individuals coming from all around the world. In the same way, many international companies settle their decision centers in Monaco to take advantage of the low taxes on earning.

Taxes on incomes and wealth in Monaco

The absence of taxes on incomes, capital gains and wealth touch every person living in Monaco except the French and American citizens. French and American citizens have to pay taxes to their home country according to binational agreements.

Transfer taxes and Inheritance taxes

Financial and real estate assets located in Monaco can be transmitted and inherited with low taxes and depending on the degree of kindship.

Donation and inheritance taxes in Monaco:

Transfer right on real estate assets in Monaco

Taxes on businesses in Monaco

There are no taxes on business in Monaco except the earning tax for companies achieving more than 25%% of their revenue outside of Monaco. In that case, the earning tax is of 33,33% on earnings.  Companies that get their revenues from royalties are totally exempted from taxes.

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